Waste compactors

Waste compactors

All about waste compactors: Efficiency, applications and benefits for sustainable waste management

Interested in a waste compactor? Allmarec has a wide range of waste compactors and other machines to reduce the volume of waste.

Separating and compressing waste: Separating commercial waste promotes recycling and reduces the amount going to landfills. This reduces the burden on the environment and contributes to a more sustainable future. In addition, waste separation can save costs by promoting the reuse of materials and reducing waste disposal costs. The solution with an Allmarec waste compactor: A waste press or baler from Allmarec can significantly improve the process of separating and recycling commercial waste. By compressing and packaging waste into compact bales, the efficiency of transport and storage is increased. This not only reduces the frequency of waste disposal, but also the costs associated with it. Additionally, using a waste compactor makes it easier to separate different types of waste, boosting recycling efforts. read the article:

Operation of the waste compactors: Waste compactors are pressing machines for pressing waste into a container or into a waste bag. This way, more waste can be placed in the container. Or multiple waste bags can be compressed into 1 waste bag. These waste compactors are very suitable for, for example, the catering industry and canteens. But also for the healthcare sector. These waste compactors reduce the volume of industrial waste. This means it takes up less space and requires less transport. The following materials can be pressed with these waste compactors. Canteen and office waste. Waste bags Barrels and cans Medical waste Residual waste Bottles

We are not averse to waste. Let’s look for a solution together.