Balenpersen, rotatieverdichters en shredders. RECYCLING MACHINES
  • Nette en veilige werkomgeving

    Met een balenpers heeft u meer ruimte en een schone opgeruimde omgeving.
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  • Palletframe


    Rechte stapels lege pallets

    Geschikt voor bijna alle palletsoorten

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  • balenpersen voor karton en folie


    Voor karton en folie.
    Bekijk het overzicht

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  • horizontale balenpers karton


    Voor het grote werk.

    Kanaalbalenpersen voor karton en plastic afval.
    Automatisch afbinden van de baal.

  • palletautomaat


    Palletautomaat, automatisch stapelen van lege pallets
    tot 25 pallets hoog

    Geschikt voor alle 4 weg pallets.


Project engineering

We design installations in which the Allmarec product forms the basis. Composite installations, manual, semi-automatic or automatic.shredder

Allmarec has designed a shredder for the diaper recycling project at ARN, the energy and raw materials producer in Nijmegen.
The function of the shredder is to shred the diapers before they are fed into the reactor in which they are processed.

The design consists of the shredder with connection to the bunker above it, the drain pump underneath and the base with sliding construction to slide the shredder out of the process line and thus make it accessible for maintenance work.

PRODUCT DESIGN / CE certification

We provide engineering services for the entire spectrum from mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering to steel construction.
We design machines, mechanical structures and equipment at the request of customers, and elaborate them in detail, down to the level of production drawings and parts lists.
The CE certification is also carried out.

horizontale pers op opvoerband opvoerband karton en plastic afval rotatieverdichter met stortkoker

Rotary compactor with a chute, so you can fill from the mezzanine and from the ground floor.