Product categorie: Compaction equipment

Drum crusher

By John van Middelaar

The drum crusher can compact empty 220 litre oil drums / barrels into a steel disc. There are slots inside the machine chamber to hold the drum into place during compaction and spikes to punch the drum to drain out any residual oil into a collection tank. The high compaction radio of 5 to 1 … Continued

Glass Crusher

By John van Middelaar

Can crush a wide variety of glass bottle sizes Reduce the volume of empty glass bottles by crushing them into a 240 LTR bin. A great solution for reducing the number of bins in your business. The Crushing chamber is totally enclosed and timed locked by a safety switch during the crushing process. An excellent … Continued

240 LTR Bin Compactor

By John van Middelaar

This waste compactor will reduce the volume of waste material in 240 Litre wheelie bin. A great solution for reducing the number of 240-litre bins in your business and making a more valuable tidy workspace. The Compactor is easy to operate. The operator places the 240 bin in the chamber and then loads it … Continued

Foil Compactor

By John van Middelaar

With the Foil Sack Holder 240 L, bulky foil is collected easily and safely in a large plastic bag. The Foil Sack Holder has a bottle neck to prevent the foil from expanding again. With the Film Compactor, bulky film is easily collected in a large plastic bag. The advantages: Reduces the “foil mountain” and … Continued

660 LTR Waste Bin Compactor

By John van Middelaar

This bin press compresses the material directly into the waste container, reducing the frequency of waste collections. The container compactor is widely used in the hospitality industry, hotels, restaurants, and campgrounds, and is suitable for general waste and other easily compressible materials. Depending on the material, a volume reduction of 3:1 can be achieved. This … Continued

1100 LTR Bin Press

By John van Middelaar

The bin press compactor reduces the volume of your waste material in 1100 LTR bins by compressing material into the bin. A percentage of general waste loaded loosely into 1100 bins is taken up by trapped air in bags or gaps between materials. By compacting the waste using the 1100 LTR bin press means businesses … Continued

Bag Compactor

By John van Middelaar

The Bag Press Compacts waste into a chamber lined with a black refuse bag. Once completed the refuse bag full of compacted waste takes up less space. There is also the benefit of less handing in waste disposal. This compactor is designed to compress waste bags into a single bag.

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