Baler 200 Multi

Baler 200 Multi

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Saves operating time through multiple press chambers: loading is possible while another press chamber is in use. Also convenient when you want to compress two products separately with one baler, such as plastic and cardboard. This baler is top-loaded. It is also possible to expand this baler with multiple press chambers

Baler Multi: – A baler Multi, as the name suggests, is designed to process different types of materials. – It provides the flexibility to compress various types of waste materials, such as cardboard, plastic film, paper, textiles, etc., without the need to reset the machine each time. – This makes a Multi baler ideal for companies that produce a variety of waste streams and need a single machine that can process different materials. – Multi balers are often more versatile and can increase operational efficiency by eliminating the need for multiple separate machines.

In short, while a traditional baler focuses on processing one specific type of material, a Multi baler offers the versatility to process different types of waste materials, making it an efficient solution for companies with diverse waste streams.

Technical information

Specification Baler
Height 2.506 m
Width 3.260 m
Depth 1.269 m
Weight 1400 kg
Transportation heigt 2.506 m
Power supply 230 v
Pressing force 16 ton
Motor 1.5 kW / 16 Amp
Noise level 68 db
Cycle times 34 seconds
Bale dimensions
Height 1.000 m
Width 1.100 m
Depth Depth
Loading aperture sizes
Depth 1.074 m
Width: 0.800 m

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