Baler 450

Baler 450

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The Baler 450 is an excellent choice for businesses aiming to efficiently compress large volumes of waste. This baler is suitable for plastic film, cardboard, paper, and big bags, and is used in warehouses, factories, and logistics companies. Compacted bales occupy less room than unorganized waste in containers and make for better handling of waste. In certain regions, recycling services may provide bale collection at no cost. Recyclers may provide a refund on the gathered bales, depending on the quantity and kind of waste.

As an option, the Baler 450 can be equipped with a sliding door for the loading aperture and an automatic compaction cycle, saving space and providing operational convenience and speed.

Technical information

Specification Baler
Heigth 3.00 m
Width 1.781 m
Depth 1.196 m
Weigth 1300 kg
Transportation heigth 2.300 m
Power supply 380 – 400 V; 3 fasen
Motor 5,5 kW / 16 Amp
Noise level 68 dB
Pressing force Up to 25 Ton
Cycle times 40 seconds
Retainers in the bale chamber and bottom door to hold compacted material in place.
Auto control panel with bale full light, E-stop with locking key, and machine hour counter.
Sliding top door.
Bale dimensions
Heigth 1.000 m
Width 1.200 m
Depth 0.800 m
Weigth Up to 450 kg depending on material used
Loading aperture sizes
Heigth 0.678 m
Width 1.200 m
Depth 0.800 m

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