Baler 75 Multi

Baler 75 Multi

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Saves operating time through multiple press chambers: loading is possible while another press chamber is in use. Also convenient when you want to compress two products separately with one baler, such as plastic and cardboard. This baler is top-loaded. It is also possible to expand this baler with multiple press chambers

A multi-chamber baler provides an excellent solution for businesses seeking to compact multiple materials using a single machine. This versatile equipment allows for the separation of materials, such as dedicating one chamber to cardboard, another to plastic film, and a third, equipped with an insert, to compress food cans. The top-loading design of the chambers facilitates convenient filling for operators. This makes it an ideal choice for a variety of businesses, particularly those in the hospitality industry and marine sector.


Bale Eject trolley included Retainers to prevent spring back of material in the bale chamber.

Technical information

Heigth 2,005 m
Width 2 chambers 2.050 m
Depth 0.872 m
Weigth 562 kg
Transportation heigth 2.005 m
Power supply 230 v
Motor 1.5 kW / 13 Amp
Pressing force Up to 3.5 Ton
Noise level 68 dB
Cycle times 35 seconds
Bale dimensions
Heigth 0.675 m
Width 0.700 m
Depth 0.500 m
Loading aperture sizes
Depth 0.500 m
Width 0.700 m

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