Drum crusher

Drum crusher

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The drum crusher can compact empty 220 litre oil drums / barrels into a steel disc. There are slots inside the machine chamber to hold the drum into place during compaction and spikes to punch the drum to drain out any residual oil into a collection tank. The high compaction radio of 5 to 1 gives businesses a massive space saving on there site and in some cases reduced disposal costs. The completely enclosed compaction chamber with safety switches installed on the loading door for safe operation of the machine. There are lifting points for a fork truck built into the base of the drum crusher for easy transport and installation.

This drum crusher is designed to compress empty 220 liter steel barrels into a flat pancake.

Technical information

Specifications drum crusher
Heigth 2.587 m
Depth 1.000 m
Width 1.190 m
Weigth 690 kg
Transportation heigth 1.800 m
Pressing force Up to 24 Ton
Power supply 380 – 400 V; 3 phase
Motor 11 kW / 32 Amp
Noise level 68 dB
Cycle times 40 seconds
30Lt oil collection tray with tap connection
Auto compaction option
vailable with Smaller bale head to compact inside a 200 Lt steel drum.

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