Glass Crusher

Glass Crusher

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Can crush a wide variety of glass bottle sizes

Reduce the volume of empty glass bottles by crushing them into a 240 LTR bin. A great solution for reducing the number of bins in your business. The Crushing chamber is totally enclosed and timed locked by a safety switch during the crushing process.

An excellent choice for Hotels, Bars and restaurants to reduce the large volume of empty glass beer and wine bottles generated during events or weekends. Can save valuable space on there business stores area. A compaction ratio of 5:1 Suitable for 140 L and 220 L containers Safe and easy to use A compact machine

Technical information

Technical data
Heigth 2,168 m
Filling height 1,770 m
Width 0,832 m
Depth 0,928 m
Weigth 195 kg
Power supply 230 V
Noise level 100 dB
Motor 1,5 kW

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