Pallet stack aligner

The pallet stack aligner, is the solution for the problem that often occurs in storage and logistics: stacks of pallets that are not straight.

The pallet stack aligner is een static frame, a stack of pallets can be pushed against it, using a fork lift truck, in order to align it.

The Palletframe is also applied as a “parking place” for a stack of pallets, for example in an environment where an AGV is in operation.

The height is 2350 mm, for stacks 15 pallets high.
The Palletframe is available in widths of 1200 / 1100 / 1000 / 900 / 800 mm.

On request alternative widths and alternative executions and designs can be supplied.

pallet stack aligner euro pallets


Safer setup for empty pallets
Straight stack
Fixed place for the empty pallets