Baler 100

The baler 100 is a medium sized baler. With an extra large filling opening.
Compact baler for bales up to 100 kg.  The baler 100 has an automatic compaction cycles.

This baler is standard equipped with an automatic pressing cycle. A light indicates when the bale is full. The bale strapping is very simple and easy. Strapping is done with both doors open. The baler 100 automatically ejects the bale from the bale chamber onto an empty pallet.


baler 100

  • Strap eject system for easy removal of bales
  • Retainer claws to reduce spring back of material in the bale chamber
  • Bales up to 100 kg in cardboard
  • easyloading for large size cardboard boxes


Baler 75

The baler 75 is the best-selling model. With only a surface area of 1004 x 720 mm it can make a bale up to  75 Kg. So, suitable for positioning where space is limited.
This simple and compact baler is used in many places. For example in a warehouse of a retail store or company. But also at production locations or supermarket, DIY store or distribution center.

With this baler you can bale cardboard, plastic, wrapping foil or paper.
The baler 75 is easy to move with a pallet truck, and can be used both outdoor and indoor.

This baler is suiteble for small to medium volumes of waste.


  • Suitable for positioning where spave is limited.
  • For small to medium volumes of waste.
  • Safe, reliable and low maintenance.
  • Including bale lifting trolly.

baler 75 allmarec